Who is Mr Blinc?

Founded by Nathan Jarvis in 2006. Mr Blinc is an infusion of never ending designs and is inspired by the energy and accessibility of life. He brings fresh innovative design with a pulse and can provide you with a unique statement. As a company we will provide a service of the highest quality in the latest standard of design where you can communicate your ideas directly with the designer. The end product will be a design/customised artwork tailored for your individuality.


We’re passionate about creating change through design, so sit back & relax as we ease your design issue.

  • Branding
  • Album Design & Artwork
  • Illustration
  • Commissioned Artwork
  • Conceptual Visual Artist - Interior design 
  • Web Design


We have been fortunate to work for a variety of sectors and a wide range of clients from around the world in Australia, South Africa, Ireland and the UK. Ranging from the BBC, African Children’s Choir, RDF Television, Scholastic, Church of England, YMCA, The Wildlife Trust and many more…





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